Stop building someone else's dream and start building your own!

Since our humble beginnings in 1988 Compare Business Systems Inc. has steadily grown to be one of Southern California’s premier multifunctional office technology dealers representing Copystar / Kyocera Technology. At Compare Business Systems, our mission is to take care of you to the best of our ability with all the resources available to us. After 34 years of taking care of valued customers, we are now taking that same approach with like-minded self-driven professionals. We are leading the way in redefining the path for self-driven professionals through our Partnership Program.


Compare Business Systems is a multifunctional office technology dealer.  Since our stablishment in1988, we have now implemented a new business model. Our focus is to assist self-driven entrepreneurs to achieve their goal of becoming a business partner/owner through our Entrepreneur Program.



Is your professional career in a slump? Ever thought of having your own business but don't know where to start? Our program can solve this! We have removed all the financial hurdles that may be preventing you from taking the leap so you can focus on building your business. Are you ready to start?



Are you working tirelessly to build someone else's dreams? Now is the time to start building your own. Hear first hand how self-driven professionals who have taken the leap towards our Entrepreneur Program and are now building their dreams and securing their future. Read their experiences here.


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